What Does Mas In "Christmas" Mean

The Meaning of Mas in Christmas

Every year on the 25th December we celebrate Christmas. This is a day on which we commemorate the birth of Jesus. Today billions of people around the world celebrate this date. Yet few of us know the true meaning of the word. In fact many of us don't know what does mas in "Christmas" mean. But by the time you have finished reading this article you will.

Christmas is actually derived from the word Cristemasse this is an abbreviated version of the word Crīstesmæsse. Crīstesmæsse was first recorded as being used in 1038. Then in 1131 the use of this word had changed to Cristes-messe. But before we explain what does mas in "Christmas" mean, let us first explain what Christ does.

Christ comes from the Greek word Χριστός (Khrīstos), which is a translation of the word from hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Māšîaḥ). This when translated into English means "Messiah".

As for "Mas" this is actually a shortened version of mass. This is derived from the Latin word "missa". Translated into English it means dismissal and was a word that was used to conclude formula of Mass. At the end of mass the priest utters the words "Ite, missa est" meaning "Go: it is the dismissal."

Although it originally meant dismissal once it began to be used by Christians it began to take on a far deeper meaning. Rather than it implying the end of something it has now come to imply that it is a mission.

One story about what does "mas" in "Christmas" mean isn't true. This word doesn't actually mean death as so many thought. So it doesn't have any real black connotations to it.

Over the years of course many of us have forgotten how this word came about. We often see this word as not just a word to denote the birth of Jesus, but as a celebration. Yet even so for those who don't attend church we cannot understand the full gravity of this word.

Although the word has long been part of our vocabulary it was only first coined around 600 years ago. It was during the Middle Ages that a great many Latin words started to be translated into English.

This was a way of helping to turn more people to Christianity. If you look back you will see our festivities at Christmas are like those our pagan ancestors enjoyed. They would give gifts and celebrate with food and drink. Plus with lots of dancing and singing. But for them it was to celebrate surviving through the harsh winter.

Once you understand more about what does "mas" in "Christmas" mean. Then you will have a better understanding of why Christians hold this time of the year so dear.

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